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After-sale service

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In pairs, we know that your business needs not only high quality smelting system, but also first-class after-sales service.
We understand your needs and pay attention to your feelings.
After-sales Service - faster service to minimize stoppage time
We provide fast and reliable emergency services. Under traffic permits, maintenance personnel will arrive at the scene within 48 hours after receiving the maintenance notice.
Excellent and well-trained service engineers stand by 24 hours a day for 365 days a year to answer your phone, provide you with professional technical guidance, help remote diagnosis of equipment problems, and minimize stoppage time.
Provide you with all-weather protection.
If you think the service cost of the existing smelting system is too high, please contact two people.
Equipment maintenance plan
Preventive Equipment Maintenance Plan - Prevent the Trouble and Guarantee the Continuous Operation of Equipment
In order to ensure the long-term and stable operation of your equipment, we can provide preventive equipment maintenance plan for customers.
According to the plan, regular return visits to the equipment, preventive maintenance and inspection of the equipment, found existing and potential problems, and targeted solutions to prevent accidents in the future.
After-sale service

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