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Dual service
Service Purpose: Customer-oriented, attentive service, to achieve zero customer worries
Service system: In line with "fast and effective" as a starting point to help customers solve problems encountered in use, including training services, online consultation, hotline answers, maintenance services and complaint system.
Service measures
1. The company has a full-time after-sales service team. The full-time personnel are responsible for providing high-quality service for customers. The after-sales service has been institutionalized, programmed and standardized.
2. Set up a special person to register the mail and telecommunications service for users and give a reply on the same day.
3. Requirements for users and equipment problems that must be dealt with on-site, reaching on-site within 24-48 hours to ensure on-site service quality
4. Visit relevant users regularly every year, deal with problems in time, and understand users'opinions and needs information.
5. For newly-invested equipment, call back every half month to grasp product quality information in time.
Technical support
1. The service team composed of professionals is ready to provide technical support for the installation, commissioning, trial operation of street people, inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment for user services.
2. Through effective technical guidance, we have ensured the reliability of the process and improved the qualification rate of the final product.
3. In order to quickly analyze faults and provide accessories, user services can contact us by telephone or e-mail.
4. Our warehouse has the most commonly used accessories, which can be provided to users as soon as possible when needed.
5. Each production equipment we provide also provides matching tools.
6. We are willing to provide our experience in workpiece inspection, analysis, calculation, equipment modification, product change and program expansion.

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