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New Energy-saving Series Equipment
I. Power Factor
The rectifier part of the power cabinet adopts fully open design and controllable rectifier, so the power factor of the system is the highest and the high-order harmonic component is the smallest. Under the normal condition of the power supply network and the short-circuit capacity of the line not less than 100 MVA, the high-order harmonic components of the melting system conform to the relevant voltage level stipulated in the national standard GB/T14549-93D.
II. Energy-saving Measures
1. The power cabinet and induction furnace always keep the best matching full power output, with less turn-off loss, less reactive power component and low channel loss. Compared with traditional parallel power supply, the power saving can reach 20%.
2. Low-frequency preheating, high-frequency heating, limit energy-saving technology.
3. Copper bars are sandblasted and passivated, with low leakage and oxidation resistance, which can effectively reduce line losses.
3. Intelligent smelting management system includes
1. Auto-drying function.
2. Start-up function of cold furnace.
3. Fault diagnosis remote information display function.
4. System status display function.
5. Fault alarm system.
6. Automatic power-off protection function.

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