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What is the preparation for smelting of medium frequency induction furnace?

2019-08-22 18:03
The following inspections and verifications must be carried out before loading, which is the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of smelting.
(1) Check and check the charge according to the ingredient list, including whether the type, weight, composition and quality of the charge meet the specified requirements, and allow the loading after confirmation.
(2) Check whether all parts of the smelting equipment are faulty, whether the operation is normal, and allow smelting after confirming normal.
(3) Inspect and maintain 坩埚, clear slagging, repair damaged parts, and then bake the repaired parts before use.
(4) The length of the furnace and the main operators should be familiar with the smelting process and operation points of the steel grade to ensure the implementation of the smelting process.
After completing the above preparations, you can carry out the loading.

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