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How to install induction heating equipment?

2019-08-22 18:04
How to install induction heating equipment? How to debug? How to maintain it effectively every day? Let us answer in detail today:
1. Check that the contact lines of each AC contactor are not ablated, and the wiring is not loose.
2. Measure the insulation resistance of the cooling water. Use an ohmmeter to measure the resistance of the water jacket of the tube to the ground. The minimum value should not be less than 300. Check the evaporative pot of evaporative cooling electron value. The resistance to ground should not be less than 600kQ.
3. The tube and the filament-cooled soft water pipe (usually rubber tube), close to the tube, are easily aged due to heat, and are replaced in time for the water pipe that has been aging to be broken.
4. Clean and dust the inside of the chassis, and clean the dust on the high-pressure porcelain bottle and the insulating pillar. Pay attention to the dust sweep on the wire of the centrifugal fan near the damper to avoid the decrease of the air volume after the air inlet is blocked.
The medium frequency furnace process can make the castings have excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, and all the indexes exceed the national standard, and the effect is good. It is the first choice for the heating industry.
Luoyang Double Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Luoyang Hongyun Induction Equipment Factory) was founded in 2001 and is located in Luoyang City, the ancient capital of the nine dynasties. Luoyang has the reputation of “hometown of electric furnaces”, and the level of electric furnace manufacturing is at the leading position in China. The company has “Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace R&D Center”, which is the leading industrial electric furnace manufacturing R&D enterprise in China. It is a member of China Foundry Association. Its process and performance are in line with foreign high-end imported equipment. Received the city's key promotion of "energy-saving products" title.

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