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Medium frequency electric furnace 丨 medium frequency electric furnace maintenance points

2019-08-22 18:04
Medium frequency electric furnace maintenance points
1. Regularly remove dust from the power cabinet
Especially outside the thyristor die, it should be wiped clean with alcohol. The frequency conversion device in operation generally has a dedicated machine room, but the actual working environment is not ideal in the smelting forging process, and the dust is very strong and strong. In the diathermy quenching process, the plant is close to pickling and phosphating equipment, and there are many corrosive gases, which will destroy the components of the intermediate frequency electric furnace related devices, and reduce the insulation strength of the device when there is more dust. Surface discharge of components will occur, so it is necessary to pay attention to frequent cleaning work to prevent malfunctions.
2. Regularly check whether the water pipe joints are firmly tied.
When using tap water as the cooling water source of the medium frequency electric furnace device, it is easy to accumulate scale and affect the cooling effect. When the plastic water pipe ages and cracks, the device should be replaced in time. Condensation is often prone to occur when running in a summer water well. It should be considered to use a circulating water system. When condensation is severe, it should be stopped immediately.
3. Regular replacement or cleaning of key components of medium frequency electric furnace related equipment
4, regular maintenance of the device
The bolts of the various parts of the device and the contacts of the tightening contactor relay shall be regularly inspected. If loose or poor contact occurs, they shall be repaired and replaced in time, and shall not be used barely to prevent major accidents.
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