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How to solve the problem of producing aluminum alloy in medium frequency melting furnace?

2019-08-22 18:05
Effect of production of aluminum alloy grain size on homogenization treatment
In the intermediate frequency melting furnace, since the bonding force between the solid atoms is large, the homogenization treatment is a process in which the alloying elements diffuse from the grain boundary (or the edge) into the crystal at a high temperature. After the production of the intermediate frequency furnace, the process is very slow. It is easy to understand that the homogenization time of the coarse crystal grains is much longer than the homogenization time of the fine crystal grains, so that the finer the crystal grains, the shorter the homogenization time.
Problems in the production of non-equilibrium crystallization of aluminum alloy
There are two problems in the internal structure of the aluminum alloy rod produced by the intermediate frequency melting furnace: 1 there is casting stress between the grains; 2 the imbalance of chemical composition in the grains caused by non-equilibrium crystallization. Due to the existence of these two problems, extrusion becomes difficult, and at the same time, the extruded product has a decrease in mechanical properties and surface treatment properties. Therefore, the aluminum rod must be homogenized before extrusion to eliminate casting stress and chemical composition imbalance in the grains.
Production of aluminum alloy homogenization
The homogenization treatment of the intermediate frequency melting furnace is a heat treatment in which the aluminum rod is insulated by the high temperature (lower than the overheating temperature) of the intermediate frequency furnace to eliminate the casting stress and the chemical composition imbalance in the grains. The Al-Mg-Si series alloy firing temperature should be 595 ° C, but due to the presence of impurity elements, the actual 6063 aluminum alloy is not a ternary system, but a multi-component system, so the actual over-burning temperature is 595 ° C Lower, the homogenization temperature of 6063 aluminum alloy can be selected between 530-550 °C, high temperature, can shorten the holding time, save energy and improve the productivity of the furnace. Medium frequency electric furnace
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