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The importance of medium frequency furnace smelting technology in the development of casting history

2019-08-22 18:05
It is important to choose the right smelting equipment. The progress of the iron castings is a good example of this. The cupola is the most important equipment in the field of cast iron smelting, and it is also the first place for people to consider, and it will always have this status in the future. Moreover, this smelting equipment also undertakes the smelting task of about 70% before and after. The development of many cupola technology is also progressing closely with the progress of machinery and equipment, and this technology is also saving energy and reducing Energy consumption, with high productivity, has always played an important role in the field of smelting.
In many countries with developed industries, there is already a complete smelting system with large capacity and long furnace life. This system is mainly based on cupola, and the intermediate frequency electric furnace is the auxiliary system. However, in our country, the capacity of the cupola is relatively small, and the age of the stove is relatively short, and it is only suitable for air supply at normal temperature. In recent years, our country's cupola smelting technology has embarked on a road with a large capacity, the furnace is very long, and the outside sends hot air.
This mode of progress is also suitable for the current production conditions and industrial technology in China, and is also more suitable for the progressive needs of the foundry production industry. The relevant departments of the state also recommend the use of cupolas in the form of hot air, and also clearly point out the development direction of smelting equipment in China at this stage.
Luoyang Double Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Luoyang Hongyun Induction Equipment Factory) was founded in 2001 and is located in Luoyang City, the ancient capital of the nine dynasties. Luoyang has the reputation of “hometown of electric furnaces”, and the level of electric furnace manufacturing is at the leading position in China. The company has “Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace R&D Center”, which is the leading industrial electric furnace manufacturing R&D enterprise in China. It is a member of China Foundry Association. Its process and performance are in line with foreign high-end imported equipment. Received the city's key promotion of "energy-saving products" title.

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