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Box resistance furnace

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In this series of resistance furnaces, all the thermal insulation materials are made of aluminum silicate fiber cotton, and the heat storage and thermal conductivity are reduced, resulting in a large heat storage time in the furnace cavity, a short heating time, a low surface temperature rise, a small loss rate of the empty furnace, and a large reduction in power consumption. The heating adopts high-quality resistance belt, and the heat utilization rate is high and the service life is long. The control system adopts microcomputer multi-band control and is convenient to operate.
Special service: on-site customization service
According to the characteristics of large resistance furnace, heavy and inconvenient transportation, the company has introduced the door-to-door technical guidance customization service. All raw materials are purchased by the customers themselves (under the guidance of the company). The company sends technicians to guide the production, only collects the guidance fee, which is beneficial to the customers. To enable customers to use economical and practical products, sincere cooperation, we report by quality!
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