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Precious metal vacuum melting furnace

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●Easy to install and operate, that is, learning will be; ultra-small size, light weight, movable, and small footprint.
● 24 hours uninterrupted smelting capacity; energy saving; power supply uses IGBT imported power devices, more integrated miniaturization, effective output power of more than 90%.
●It is convenient to replace the furnace body with different weight, different materials and different furnace modes to meet various melting requirements; vertical melting furnace, hand-type melting: refining furnace, electric melting furnace, school laboratory melting furnace, portable High frequency melting furnace.
●Using ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power supply, energy saving 60% than traditional thyristor medium frequency! The medium frequency magnetic field has magnetic stirring effect on the molten metal, which is beneficial to uniform composition and scum.
● According to the recommended equipment and maximum melting capacity, each furnace smelting time (cold furnace) 50-60 minutes (hot furnace) 20-30 minutes.
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