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Hydraulic stainless steel shell furnace

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Advantages of stainless steel shell furnace:
●The furnace body: sturdy and durable, beautiful and elegant, especially the large-capacity body (3 tons or more furnace) should have a strong rigid structure. From the safety point of the tilting furnace, try to use the steel shell furnace. The presence of the furnace cover reduces heat loss and increases the safety of the equipment.
●Long service life, not easy to oxidize, no magnetic leakage, low loss, about 15% of nodes (compared with aluminum shell), and the life expectancy is much higher than that of aluminum shell furnace.
● The function of blowing oxygen, reducing carbon and removing slag at the bottom of the base. Large copper discharge machine, saving electricity.
●Inductor design: The large-tonnage (5-50 ton) sensor designed by us adopts the parallel connection of upper and lower sections to improve the electrical efficiency of the inductor and achieve full power operation in the state of half furnace and full furnace. The dielectric strength is applied to the rated voltage of 1000V without breakdown and flicker.
● Through years of design and use, it has accumulated a certain amount of empirical data for its high ratio (HD), and has different high-ratio ratios for different tonnage sensors. The high ratio of computer optimized design greatly improves its electrical efficiency.
● The induction coil is made of a purity of 99.9% of an oxygen-free copper rectangular thick-walled tube, and the thickness of the tube wall is uniform.
●Hydraulic tilting furnace system: The hydraulic station valve adopts integrated type, small volume, and the tilting of the furnace body is completed by two synchronous plunger cylinders. The movement is stable, no impact, safe and reliable.
● Leakage alarm device: It sends an alarm signal before the molten iron reaches the sensor, avoiding safety accidents and unnecessary economic losses.
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