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Closed cooling tower

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The structure and working principle of the closed cooling tower The complete set of closed cooling towers consists of a main engine, a soft water pipe, a circulating water pump and an electric control cabinet.
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Closed cooling tower structure and working principle
The complete set of closed cooling towers consists of main engine, soft water pipe, circulating water pump and electric control cabinet.
The main body consists of shells, heat exchangers (copper tubes), fans, spray pumps, water eliminators, water tanks and pipeline valves.
During the working process, the cooling medium (soft water, oil or other liquid) is driven by the main circulation pump to circulate between the heat exchanger and the cooling equipment (such as power supply, electric furnace, etc.), and the spray water is evenly sprinkled on the heat exchanger. Upper, a uniform water film is formed on the outer surface of the heat exchanger, and the cold air enters the tower from the air inlet below the tower body, and the spray water flows countercurrently through the surface of the heat exchanger, and there are two heat exchange modes in the process, namely The heat transfer between the cold air and the cooling medium and the heat exchange of the spray water evaporation heat absorption, the saturated hot humid air after the heat is absorbed by the fan to the atmosphere, and the rest of the spray water flows into the water tank at the lower part of the tower body, and the water pump is Transfer to the spray system. The cooling medium in the reciprocating heat exchanger is cooled and cooled.
The closed cooling tower has two modes of operation: cold air, cold air + spray. The switching of the two modes is automatically performed by the electronic control system according to the working conditions, thereby achieving energy saving and consumption reduction.
Product advantages of the fluid cooler
● The cooling medium is completely closed to prevent debris from entering the cooling piping system and the evaporation loss of the cooling medium.
● Use soft water as the cooling medium, no scaling, no blockage of the pipeline, and less failure.
●It adopts double cooling method of cold air and spray water evaporation endothermic, and the cooling efficiency is high.
● The device is small in size, small in space, convenient to move and place, and no need to build a pool.
●Automatic intelligent control can be used to automatically change the cooling mode according to the working conditions, and the operation is simple and reliable.
● Widely used, it can directly cool the quenching liquid, oil, alcohol and other media that have no corrosive effect on the heat exchanger (copper tube). The medium has no loss and the composition is stable.
Closed cooling tower application range
●Induction heating and metal melting equipment, such as high and medium frequency quenching equipment, medium frequency power supply and electric furnace, induction diathermy furnace, holding furnace and so on.
● Cooling of various reactors and condenser circulating water in the chemical industry.
● Cooling of large-scale machines, oil pickers, rectifiers, electric welding equipment, hydraulic stations and continuous casting equipment.
● Large-scale mold cooling such as metal die-casting molds and injection molds.
● Cooling of industrial solutions, such as quenching liquids, plating solutions, and the like.
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