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High frequency (super audio) power supply

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Super-audio induction heating equipment [1] is in line with the national 12th Five-Year Plan energy-saving products, with IGBT as the main device, power circuit with series oscillation as the basic feature, control circuit with frequency automatic tracking, multi-closed loop control as the main feature. Super-audio induction heating equipment is highly integrated and modular. High efficiency, stable performance, safe and reliable.
High frequency (super audio) features
●Using German Siemens IGBT power modules and accessories, 100% load continuation rate design, 24 hours operation under maximum power, high reliability protection.
● Self-control type adjustable heating time, heating power, holding time, holding power and cooling time; greatly improve the quality of heating products and repeatability of heating, simplifying the operation technology of workers. Light weight, small size, simple installation, connected to 380V three-phase power, water, water, can be completed in a few minutes.
●The heating efficiency is up to 90%, the energy consumption is only 20%-30% of the high frequency of the old-fashioned tube, and almost no electricity in the standby state, it can work continuously for 24 hours.
●The sensor can be disassembled and replaced freely, and the ultra-fast heating greatly reduces the oxidative deformation of the work.
● The device has over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, water shortage, and lack of perfect automatic protection functions, and is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis alarm system.
● The device has a constant current and constant power control function, which greatly optimizes the metal heating process, achieves efficient and rapid heating, and the superior performance of the product is fully utilized.
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