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IGBT intermediate frequency power supply

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The IGBT intermediate frequency power supply adopts the international advanced new device IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) series resonant induction heating power supply. IGBT intermediate frequency power supply is a new generation of old-fashioned thyristor intermediate frequency power supply. It has high efficiency, energy saving, no high harmonics, small size, complete maintenance, easy to start, easy to operate, long life, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, etc. The advanced nature of Lenby. The results of the IGBT intermediate frequency melting furnace were introduced, relying on its advanced technology and the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction, it has become a huge revolution in the medium frequency melting industry.
Equipment use, characteristics
● Energy saving: Since the inverter part adopts IGBT half-bridge inverter, the inverter voltage is higher than the energy-saving thyristor power supply by more than 25% (electricity consumption is 350-370 degrees/ton).
● No high-order harmonic interference: Because IGBT intermediate frequency power supply three-phase bridge full-wave rectification, no phase sequence, no high-order harmonics, no pollution to the power grid, no interference with the operation of electronic equipment in the factory.
●Startup rate is 100%: Due to the series inverter technology, it is easy to start, completely solves the problem that the thyristor medium frequency is difficult to start, and can realize reliable frequent start, and the startup success rate is 100%.
●High reliability: The company's products use components produced by world famous factories, IGBT transistors produced by Siemens, Germany, and electrolytic capacitors produced by Japan's Hitachi.
●High stability: The product water circulation system adopts the internal circulation cooling system. The internal circulation is distilled water. The long-term use of the water passage in the equipment is not fouled or blocked, which greatly reduces the failure rate. The built-in air conditioner keeps the control device and power device at the proper temperature, ensuring the stability of the whole machine and saving maintenance costs.
● Convenient use and maintenance: IGBT medium frequency power supply structure is simple, control line protection is complete, complete fault display function, can quickly find faulty power, easy maintenance.
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