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KGPS new 6-pulse power supply

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Frequency conversion is a frequency conversion device that converts a 50-week three-phase power frequency current into a medium- and high-frequency current with a frequency of 300HZ-36000HZ using a thyristor or an IGBT. The working principle is to rectify 50-week/second power frequency AC into DC through a three-phase bridge rectifier circuit, and then filter through a filter, and finally convert the DC into a frequency AC supply through an inverter. load. So this inverter is actually an AC-DC-AC converter. (4) New product launch: Constant power (energy-saving type) The latest constant-power (energy-saving) medium-frequency melting furnace of our factory has been widely praised by users for its long-term production practice test. It has been improved on the original basis to make its performance. More excellent. <1> The melting rate is high. During the melting process, the power can be maintained in the optimal frequency band, which greatly eliminates the adverse effect of the new furnace lining on the melting speed. <2> The molten steel has high quality and high casting yield. <3> High power factor. During the operation of the whole machine, the power factor can reach over 97%. <4> No interference to the power grid. <5> Low power consumption, saving more than 10%. <6> The startup success rate is high, and the startup success rate is 100% under any load. <7> The main control board adopts the connector interface, which makes maintenance more convenient. <8> Inverter uses series thyristor to minimize the damage rate of thyristor. Series inverter circuit The series inverter power supply that our factory has put into the market is a high-efficiency frequency conversion device, which is suitable for heating, diathermy, workpiece surface annealing, quenching, bending, melting and so on. The advantages are as follows: The current flowing through the inductor in the series inverter circuit is close to the active current, so the DC current is small and the loss is small. Easy to start, simple and reliable, suitable for frequent starting situations. <3> The current naturally crosses zero and is easy to turn off, so the operating frequency is high.

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