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One to two controllable series rectification, series inverter IF power supply

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The one-to-two series inverter IF power supply equipment produced by our company can realize one power supply for one furnace smelting and the other furnace for heat preservation and refining. Thus, an advanced technology that is equivalent to the simultaneous use of two devices is realized. Moreover, the utilization rate of power transformers is particularly high. According to theoretical calculations and field use experiments, half of the transformer capacity usage fee can be saved. Due to the series rectification and series inverter, the power factor is high, which can be kept above 0.98, no high-order harmonic pollution, all the indicators have reached the requirements of the national power supply department, no need to use reactive power compensation device and harmonic control device The induction coil has a small current and a short melting time, which can save 20% of electricity consumption, and its energy-saving effect, power factor and other indicators have been leading the domestic common power supply.
Equipment use, characteristics
● Significant energy saving effect, saving 20% ​​than ordinary equipment;
●No high-order harmonics, high power factor, can reach more than 98%, no need for reactive power compensation and harmonics management device;
●It can realize the smelting of one to two, and the utilization rate of the transformer is high, which can save half of the transformer capacity.
● One to two electric furnaces, two electric furnaces can be poured at the same time, and steel can be continuously poured;
● One to two electric furnaces, the power is arbitrarily distributed, and the starting rate is 100%.
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